​​​​​​   MV Pride - MASS Pride Sports

Visiting the 9/11 memorial allowed players to learn more deeply about the national tragedy that occurred shortly before they were even born. 

By invitation only, players were able to visit Michael Jordan’s Terminal 23

Players visiting the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

A player and a coach pay respects to our fallen heros at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC. 

A team photo at Yankee Stadium

Some of our players have never traveled to New Hampshire, never been out of Massachusetts, never gone beyond 128, but our programs offer these player the opportunity to experience adventures beyond their immediate environment.

Tournaments allow our students to meet other players from across the United States, and at times other countries.

Every out of town trip utilizes the opportunity to culturally engage our players in ways they never imagined.

The Need

Zip code, socioeconomic status, gender, family situation, or any other factor should not be barriers to a child finding the joy and discipline found in playing Basketball. Each and everyone of our students deserves the right to play, achieve, improve, and thrive.  

The Mystic Valley Pride Difference

This isn't just another youth sports organization whose sole focus is tournament wins. Of course we would like our player to be successful on the court, but it is who they are off the court that matters the most to MV Pride. With our remarkable staff and supportive community, we are able to 

  • Keep at-risk children off the street
  • Relieve some of the financial burdens on players' families
  • Develop of social skills through engaging with each other as a team and through community service.
  • Expose children to new life experiences including places, history, and comradery 
  • Secure college scholarships for both sports and academics 
  • Force players out of their comfort zones, but giving them the mentorship and tools to succeed


All funds raised go directly back into the program- uniforms, transportation, equipment, facility fees, and more. We will be posting more financial information shortly, but please don't hesitate to ask us for any financial documents. We believe in being transparent with our donors, supporters, and families. 


Every dollar donated by generous community members will help alleviate the cost of players and their families, many of which live in low-income situations. Additionally, funds will help us increase our capacity to serve our players. 

  • $350 will help one player for one season
  • $1,750 will help a full court of players 
  • $3,500 will support an entire team
  • $10,000 will outfit every team with uniforms of pride that each player will keep 


Obviously our donors are motivated to support our organization because of the impact they can have upon our players and our community. Nevertheless, Mystic Valley Pride Basketball is honored to highlight your generous contribution on collateral, social media, our website, and more depending on level of support. Please reach out to us so that we can customize your contribution and benefits package. 

Layup Level:                    >$349
Free Throw Level:           $350-$599
Three Point Level            $600-$999
Full Court Press Level:    $1,000-$1,999
​Alley-oop Level:               $2,000-$5,000
Slam Dunk Level:            $5,000-$7,490
Pride Level:                      $7,500-$9,999
6th Man:                           $10,000-$14,999
Championship Level:      $15,000+

Please consider making a donation and help us support our players and community. All Donations to Mystic Valley Pride are Tax deductible.